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I believe more harmony over harm is possible in this world

It is my vision that the harmony strand symbol will help facilitate harmony-driven global alliances with increased partnerships and efforts to reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals

I believe if humans join frequencies for positive change, we can do amazing things. 

Harmony Strand efforts are still community based and grassroots today, but I hope the symbol spreads around the world to remind us of our similarities and encourage us each to do the conscious and caring work needed to bring more harmony to this planet. 

Artist Cynthia Fleischmann is looking for partners / sponsors to help co-create

eco-entertainment events such as drone light shows and projection mapping displaying symbols to help encourage and celebrate peace, harmony, love, humanity and climate action. 


What does global harmony SOUND like to you?

I hope to empower musical composers to create 8 -12 minute pieces that speak towards 

peace, love and climate action for harmony.

The outcomes would be beautifully diverse, and different pieces would be selected to accompany the 'Harmony Strand' & 'Humanity for Harmony' eco-entertainment shows. 

Please visit the SPONSOR page to see how you can help!

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