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~Support the Harmony Strand Project~

Can you think of an internationally respected global symbol for climate action and global harmony?  If war breaks out due to cultural differences and/or natural resources using advanced technology, do you believe the traditional peace sign or heart symbol would be used by leaders to call out for unity, love and peace? I doubt it, and maybe you do too. Therefore it is of utmost importance to establish a new, non-religious, non-political, 21st century symbol that can internationally communicate and celebrate peace, unity and action for a more harmonious and sustainable future. That symbol is called the ‘Harmony Strand’.


The Harmony Strand team is using eco-entertainment options including drone light shows and projection mapping to display they harmony strand symbol to communicate and promote peaceful and sustainable action for a harmonious future. These progressive eco-events are less expensive and re-usable alternatives to fireworks, which I believe are a tradition that need to be re-evaluated and updated to align with the 2030 Global Sustainable Development Goals.

Conscious decisions

Entertainment, like goods and services, do not need to be wasteful to bring joy and we need to start making conscious decisions to choose sustainable options over harmful ones. The free, outdoor Harmony Strand events are elegant & enchanting, sharing messages of global harmony through positive action to help each other, Mother Nature and the animals. Everything is connected, and the harmony strand symbol is a nature-inspired flowing beacon of light reaching high into the sky to remind us of that. Humanity is just a small part of this diverse and now fragile planet we are lucky to call home, and if we connect our vibrations for positive change, peace and teamwork, we will be able to reach the 2030 global sustainable goals. 




Sponsor the harmony strand team with any amount to help us 

create more awareness through social medial platforms and free drone show events for positive change.

Sponsor now!


Sponsor harmony strand stickers. Round, sustainable eco-stickers.

Can be used as gifts and reminders for harmony. I love stickers :) 

Fr. 500 / 1,000 Stickers

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Harmony Strand Prints

Sponsor harmony strand prints handmade by artist Cynthia Fleischmann

Swarovski crystals & alcohol inks on 8 x12 Inch (20 x 30 cm) black paper.

 Numbered and signed with a red handprint on the back.

Fr. 1,000 to produce 30 prints

Prints for sale on request : Between Fr. 40 -100 / print

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Musical Compositions

Sponsor musical compositions to accompany harmony strand drone light shows.

8-12 minutes long. A musician will be selected from a global call to compose a melody to the question:

What does global harmony sound like to you? Sponsors enable the artist to have a new platform.

Looking for different compositions per show. *

FR. 2,000 / Musical Composition

Sponsor now!

Eco-friendly Light Sticks

Sponsor the production of harmony strand eco-friendly light sticks.

Sustainable, handmade light wands for harmony. Self-generated & storable energy. Have fun & re-use. *

Fr. 5,000 to produce 50 eco-wands 

Eco-Wands for sale at events: Fr. 50 / eco-wand


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Projection Mapping

Sponsor a harmony strand light-Projection mapping show for peace, harmony & climate action.

Light projection on buildings or tall trees in Switzerland. 30 min - 2 hours. *

Fr. 15,000 / Event

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Drone Light Show 

Sponsor a harmony strand drone light show for peace, harmony & climate action formed with 40 drones using LED lights. 8 minutes long reaching120 meters high within Switzerland.

Fr. 20,000 / Event

Sponsor now!

 Sponsors over Fr.200 will be gifted a handmade harmony stand print and sticker

as a big THANK YOU ! 

* = Still working on it- has not yet come to life. 



Bank: Credit Suisse, Switzerland

Account Holder: Cynthia Fleischmann

Account Name: Harmony Strand

Account Number: 3631589-91-2

IBAN: CH36 0483 5363 1589 9100 2


*Sponsors can choose to be acknowledged or be anonymous for their support with this project. 



Marietta Gianella-Berry

Christopher & Cynthia SunFinder

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