A call to question traditions and take actions to make sustainable, peaceful and positive impact choices for global harmony 

14. Dubai.Birj.Kalifa.BM.8x8.jpg
26. Washington.DC.Hamrony.BM.8x8.1.jpg
32. RioDeJenero.Brazil.Harmony.BM.8x8.jp
21. Miami.FL.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg
27. Paris.France.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg
45. Sydney.Australia.2.2.Harmony.BM.8x8.


I believe more harmony over harm is possible in this world

It is my vision that the harmony strand symbol will help facilitate harmony-driven global alliances with increased partnerships and efforts to reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals


Harmony Strand drone light shows are taking place in Switzerland in 2021 and 2022 with support from Andreas Furrer @ Sky-Work GmbH and Armands Blumbergs @ BaseMotion

Find out where the next event will take place here


If you would like to donate to the project or get involved in any way,

please get in touch with me!

Image above: harmony strand drone testing #2   (Brig, Switzerland : Nov.18.2021)
Images below: harmony strand drone testing #1   (Brig, Switzerland : Oct.19.2021)


The following images are potential harmony strand participation around the world

7. Burning.Man.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg
Paris: Olga Riedi

Paris, France

43. New.York.NY.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

New York City, New York USA

39. Bodrum.Turkey.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

Bodrum, Turkey

13. Doha.Piran Cafe.BM.8x8.jpg

Doha, Qatar

20. Jerusalem.Israel.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

Jerusalem, Israel

47. Tehran.Iran.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

Tehran, Iran


Accra, Ghana

4. Berlin, Germany.2.BM.8x8.jpg

Berlin, Germany

49. Zurich.Switzerland.Harmony.BM.8x8.jp

Zurich, Switzerland

50. San.Diego.CA.2.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

San Diego, California

36. San.Jose.Costa.Rica.Harmony.BM.8x8.j

San Juan, Costa Rica

42.London, UK.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

London, United Kingdom


Basel, Switzerland

46. Seattle.Washington.Harmony.BM.8x8.jp

Seattle, Washington

39. Bodrum.Turkey.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

Bodrum, Turkey


Rio De Jenero, Brazil

14. Dubai.Birj.Kalifa.BM.8x8.jpg

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

26. Washington.DC.Hamrony.BM.8x8.1.jpg

Washington D.C, USA

30. Tokyo.Japan.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

Tokyo, Japan

37. Abu.Dabhi.UAE.Harmony.2.BM.8x8.jpg

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


Cape Town, South Africa


Colombo, Sri Lanka


Auckland, New Zealand

44. Reykjavik.Iceland.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

Reykjavik, Iceland

21. Miami.FL.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

Miami, Florida

7. Burning.Man.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

Black Rock City, Nevada

48. Stockholm,Sweden.Harmony.BM.8x8.jpg

Stockholm, Sweden

Budapest, Hungary.1.Drones.1.jpg

Budapest, Hungary

34. Saint.Petersberg.Russia.Harmony.BM.8

St.Petersburg, Russia


St.Moritz, Switzerland


'Human Harmony Strand' - Burning Man 2019, Nevada
Art Happening : 'Ashes to Ashes ; Dust to Dust'

Artist & Organizer: Cynthia Fleischmann

Drone Photographer : Alex Medina www.alexmedinaproductions.com

*City Harmony Strand Images above were securely found on the web and altered by Cynthia Fleischmann to include the Harmony Strand Symbol. No images are for sale. Credits to the Photographers.