A Global Aerial Agreement For Considerate Action, Positive Change & Improved HARMONY





"The HARMONY STRAND can visually remind us of our Vibrational Similarities & Connected Humanity."


My name is Cynthia Fleischmann : I am an Artist & HARMONY Activist.

I am Swiss/ American and live in Miami, Florida.



New Year's Eve is a time to start the year fresh with intentions for growth, positive change and considerate action.  Currently, Cities around the world celebrate this transition into the New Year using aerial Firework displays. 


While fireworks are beautiful, exciting and part of Tradition, in a world that needs more environmental care, fireworks are a controversial pleasure that do not align with a positive start to the year. 

(Facts on Fireworks Page) 


Advancements in drone technology allow for amazing aerial drone-light shows to fill the skies similar to fireworks without the war-sounds, pollution and waste. They are elegant & captivating with endless visual capabilities and potential to grow.

(Visuals on Drones Page)

Are you interested to see a show?!

My mission is to encourage and help City Leaders be environmental role-models by exchanging firework shows with drone light shows & HARMONY STRAND on New Years Eve.

(Harmony Strand: Dancing gracefully for 3 minutes to instrumental music within show)

My hope is that the HARMONY STRAND connects people visually & energetically around the world for improved considerate action, positive change, climate emergency, love, peace & harmony. 


San Francisco, California USA

Paris, France

New York City, New York USA

Bodrum, Turkey

Doha, Qatar

Jerusalem, Israel

Tehran, Iran

Accra, Ghana

Berlin, Germany

Zurich, Switzerland

San Diego, California

San Juan, Costa Rica

London, United Kingdom

Basel, Switzerland

Seattle, Washington

Bodrum, Turkey

Sydney, Australia

Rio De Jenero, Brazil

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Washington D.C, USA

Tokyo, Japan

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Cape Town, South Africa

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Auckland, New Zealand

Reykjavik, Iceland

Miami, Florida

Black Rock City, Nevada

Stockholm, Sweden

Budapest, Hungary

St.Petersburg, Russia

St.Moritz, Switzerland


Burning Man 2019, Nevada

Art Happening : 'Ashes to Ashes ; Dust to Dust'

Artist & Organizer : Cynthia Fleischmann



Drone Photographer : Alex Medina


*City HARMONY STRAND Images above were securely found on the web and altered by Cynthia to include the HARMONY Strand. 

No images are for sale*

*Thank you Photographers*